Press 4 –> help –> here you can check some help about chat


Smiley list -> you will find here smiley codes with  smiley, just put that code with  message of chat ->> CLICK HERE


 Private message colors -> There is some ratings and by work categories in avacs , this private message colors depend on that categories ->> CLICK HERE


 Help  -> For help about any help , just contact to Super moderators;


Super-moderators -> Super moderators is volunteer of avacs , every super moderators have different different  works in avacs , they have crown of every rooms + they can add or remove crown of any room;



Message to admin -> If you want  any help , quarry about avacs or you want to send any complaints , than choose  your question area from “message to admin” option



Password restore -> Because of fact that many users are trying to find outpasswords to nicks which they never had, we forced to introduce token payment $1 for password restore request servicing. From one side these will significantly descreet password restore request from frauds and from other side Admin will concentrate on password recovery request from true owners.